Coyote vs. Man & Dog in Suburban Chicago

NBC Chicago has a report on a Chicagoland area man who decided to wrestle a coyote in Fighting Glovesorder to save his dog. Luckily for him and his dog he was able to “throw” the coyote away from him and get his dog inside the house before things escalated further. His Wheaten Terrier only suffered minor injuries and importantly was up to date with its rabies vaccination.

While attacks on humans remain rare, pet owners should remain vigilant of the potential threat to small animals from coyotes. As always remember the advice of experts if you do encounter a coyote and just make yourself really big and really loud. Just let them know who’s in charge!

Two Year Old California Girl Attacked By A Coyote

According to an article in the Sun Times a young child in California was attacked by a coyote_nps3coyote. Thankfully her injuries were not life threatening but a scary situation nonetheless. By all accounts coyote attacks on humans are very rare.

However, it is difficult to know what other factors could have played into this attack. Officials did shoot three coyotes in a nearby cemetery in response to this attack on a human.