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“Crittercam” Gives Unique View of Chicago’s Urban Coyotes

Check out this great article from National Geographic that goes into detail about how coyotes have managed to adapt so well to life in the city. They managed to get some “coyote’s views” by using a Crittercam (a camera attached to a coyote) that are fascinating.

There are an estimated 2,000 coyotes living in the Chicagoland area, yet they often prove elusive to spot. In part this is no doubt due to the fact that urban coyotes have mostly adopted a nocturnal lifestyle, generally only roaming the streets at night.

Much of what we now know about the behavior of coyotes in the city can be attributed to the work of Stan Gehrt, a wildlife ecologist at Ohio State University in Columbus. He has been studying coyotes for 15 years now and just finished the first part of his research.

Coyote vs. Man & Dog in Suburban Chicago

NBC Chicago has a report on a Chicagoland area man who decided to wrestle a coyote in Fighting Glovesorder to save his dog. Luckily for him and his dog he was able to “throw” the coyote away from him and get his dog inside the house before things escalated further. His Wheaten Terrier only suffered minor injuries and importantly was up to date with its rabies vaccination.

While attacks on humans remain rare, pet owners should remain vigilant of the potential threat to small animals from coyotes. As always remember the advice of experts if you do encounter a coyote and just make yourself really big and really loud. Just let them know who’s in charge!

Coyote Spotted On Daytime Stroll in Chicago Suburb of Riverside, Illinois

Last week a coyote was spotted during the day in Riverside, IL according to a report on ABC 7 Chicago. This sighting comes after an incident at the begin of the year in which Coyotes reportedly damaged a door trying to attack a dog that was inside a house also in Riverside. You can find that attack on our map.

The police response is generally and understandably limited in simple coyote sighting reports. Unless the animal is a threat i.e. acting strangely or aggressively, there is little they can do and that might be a good thing. It is a debate that will probably grow in the Chicago area if the coyote population is growing.

Two Year Old California Girl Attacked By A Coyote

According to an article in the Sun Times a young child in California was attacked by a coyote_nps3coyote. Thankfully her injuries were not life threatening but a scary situation nonetheless. By all accounts coyote attacks on humans are very rare.

However, it is difficult to know what other factors could have played into this attack. Officials did shoot three coyotes in a nearby cemetery in response to this attack on a human.

Coyotes in Chicago are “Ghosts of the City”

The Chicago area coyote population received some national attention in the Economist via the Tribune today with their article on Coyotes as Ghosts of the City. This piece again points out that the number of coyotes living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is estimated at around two thousand. While most of us urban dwellers rarely see them, they are out there, primarily at night.

Interesting as well that city coyotes actually live longer than those in who live in what is often considered to be a more traditional rural habitat. As long as they don’t become to used to humans and keep eating the occasional rat, I think we should all embrace these urban ghosts.