Happy 2016! Coyote Updates, A New Logo, & More

Coyotemap.com is off to a fast start in 2016 with the addition of over 25 new sightings since our last update thanks to your submissions. We’ve also added a new logo (let us know what you think). Your feedback is vital!

We also just came across a Wikipedia entry devoted to the topic of Urban Coyotes in the US including Chicago and New York. It provides a great summary on the topic, so check it out when you have a few minutes.

Happy 2016 and keep those updates coming!

Thanks to all our coyote map supporters!

Should we call ourselves “coyoteers”? (Maybe we can do better, post your suggestions below). A sincere thanks to everyone who has sent in their coyote sighting submissions. We’re working on adding a coyote photos and video page, but we also need your feedback. If you’ve got an idea to make the site better post it below or use the contact button to let us know.

Also thanks to fine folks at 104.3 K-HITS Chicago Coyote Map and Tracking for taking the time mention this site. They wrote up a fun piece about us “coyoteers” that you should definitely check out.

Happy early Thanksgiving & keep sending those sightings!

Coyotes Roaming Evanston, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and More…

We just completed a much needed update. Thanks to  everyone who submitted their coyote sightings so we could add them to our map. The north and northwest areas of Chicagoland seemed to have the most new entries. Not sure if they have more coyotes or just more vigilant viewers reporting them. Either way it is fascinating to see where pockets of coyotes and even the occasional coywolf sighting occur.

Happy summer & keep sending in your coyote sightings and stories. Thanks!

Chicagoland Coyote Tracking Map Updated – New Sightings Reported From All Areas

Reported coyote sighting continue to come in from all across the Chicago area. From within the city proper there seems to be a particularly high number of sightings coming from the north side of Chicago.  Lake View, Roscoe Village, Uptown and other north & west side neighborhoods leading the way. Surprisingly, no reports to this site or in the media of coyotes directly around Wrigley Field. {Insert your own Cubs joke here.}

Suburban reports also continue to come in with large pockets of coyote sightings in the  Oak Lawn, Arlington Heights, & the Mount Prospect areas.

Thankfully, reports of attacks on people or pets have thus far been limited to a few cases based on media accounts.

Thanks again to everyone for your submissions and keep them coming in 2014!


Coyotes in Chicago are “Ghosts of the City”

The Chicago area coyote population received some national attention in the Economist via the Tribune today with their article on Coyotes as Ghosts of the City. This piece again points out that the number of coyotes living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is estimated at around two thousand. While most of us urban dwellers rarely see them, they are out there, primarily at night.

Interesting as well that city coyotes actually live longer than those in who live in what is often considered to be a more traditional rural habitat. As long as they don’t become to used to humans and keep eating the occasional rat, I think we should all embrace these urban ghosts.