Coyotes Roaming Evanston, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and More…

We just completed a much needed update. Thanks to  everyone who submitted their coyote sightings so we could add them to our map. The north and northwest areas of Chicagoland seemed to have the most new entries. Not sure if they have more coyotes or just more vigilant viewers reporting them. Either way it is fascinating to see where pockets of coyotes and even the occasional coywolf sighting occur.

Happy summer & keep sending in your coyote sightings and stories. Thanks!

One thought on “Coyotes Roaming Evanston, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines and More…

  1. I work for UIC and work as a driver overnights I spot them all the time over on the west side of campus and occasionally on the east side of campus usually about 2 or 3 in the morning chasing rabbits or just looking for food

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