What is a Coywolf?

We haven’t had any reports yet of coywolves in the city of Chicago however these creatures are in other parts of Illinois. So what exactly is a Coywolf? Well, as the name suggests it is a hybrid of a wolf and a coyote as the result of interbreeding.

The coywolf is apparently more aggressive than a regular coyote and much like a wolf it will hunt in packs. I suppose this type of behavior could be problematic if they did start to make their way into the densely populated urban neighborhoods of Chicago. So far people and coyotes seem to be getting along alright in the city due in no small part to coyotes not having much interest in attacking humans (isolated cases aside).

If anyone has any photos or thinks they may have seen a coywolf please let us know.

UPDATE: I have not had a chance to watch this yet but PBS aired a special in January all about the History of The Coywolf. If you do watch it please be sure and post your thoughts on this special below.

10 thoughts on “What is a Coywolf?

  1. We have coywolf in the field behind the fence
    Saw him many times last year with headless rabbit

    I walked in Spring Creek on Lake Street Bloomingdale 3 coywolfs were on the trail watching people

  2. I watched the PBS documentary because I kept wondering why the two coyotes I keep seeing on my street at night are so big. After watching it I suspect that I am seeing Coywolves. They are larger than coyotes and there are typically two of them hunting together. We have a lot of rabbits to attract them. Kingston Hills subdivision in Homer Glen.

    • Coyotes attack and kill family’s dog February 25, 2016 in Lemont, IL. Police dispatcher said there was nothing they could do. Explained that the coyotes were still in the backyard eating the dog, They reluctantly sent an officer to scare them away. More public awareness is needed to inform pet owners to not leave their dogs unattended.

  3. I spotted two coy-wolves in Carol Stream last night (December 6, 2014) at approx 10:30pm. I had taken my dog out. I have a fenced yard, but the dog has been skunked twice this Fall, so at night I leash him to let him out, and stay with him in the yard. I saw a car pull into Kelly Drive from County Farm Road and stop with it’s headlights fixed on something. This is where Kelly Drive, Glenlake Dr. & Forest meet. I looked over my fence to see why the car was stopped, and saw two canids, too large to be coyotes, frozen in the headlights. They paused briefly and then ran west on Forest. I strongly suspect coy-wolves, since they were large and hunting as a “pack” instead of solitary as a typical coyote would hunt. These two could easily take a dog down. Be alert!

  4. Worth, IL at Waters Edge Golf Course and adjacent neighborhood 115th St & Octavia: Two separate packs, one is traditional Coyotes the other are Coywolves for certain. Much larger, similar to a very large German Shepard, darker fur, always two or more. We speculate EACH of these packs to have more than 20 members based on regular sightings. They are seen both DAY and night walking along our streets. Everyone in the neighborhood knows about them. None are afraid of people. The men of our family have chased them down as a group and they just stand their ground. There are medically documented cases this summer of rabid racoon in this area. A woman was chased into her house and bitten very recently. She contracted rabies disease and is undergoing treatment. If these packs get infected the hazard to the public will be intense. They have already been seen taking small dogs and cats.

  5. On 170th Cregier in the Preserve near Thorncreek, I spotted what appeared to be a wolf. I doubled back in my car to get another look and take a photo. I could not take a photo due the access with car. The Coy-wolf or Wolf was on the walking path. The color was bright whitish/silver with the snow, so I’m sure it was not brown, but silver gray with black markings. I thought it was a Husky or an Alaskan Malamute. It was big at the head, boxy, and tall. I have seen coyotes around hear before always paired brown and tan, so I really don’t think it was coyote, much bigger. His behavior was sniffing around, and then he seem to blend in with the path a some large dirt mound when he laid down.

  6. I just recently saw a wolf or coyote outside my back fence. I have a decent photo. It looked like a wolf but had brown on its head and face, might be a coy-wolf

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