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Two Year Old California Girl Attacked By A Coyote

According to an article in the Sun Times a young child in California was attacked by a coyote_nps3coyote. Thankfully her injuries were not life threatening but a scary situation nonetheless. By all accounts coyote attacks on humans are very rare.

However, it is difficult to know what other factors could have played into this attack. Officials did shoot three coyotes in a nearby cemetery in response to this attack on a human.

Coyotes in Chicago are “Ghosts of the City”

The Chicago area coyote population received some national attention in the Economist via the Tribune today with their article on Coyotes as Ghosts of the City. This piece again points out that the number of coyotes living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is estimated at around two thousand. While most of us urban dwellers rarely see them, they are out there, primarily at night.

Interesting as well that city coyotes actually live longer than those in who live in what is often considered to be a more traditional rural habitat. As long as they don’t become to used to humans and keep eating the occasional rat, I think we should all embrace these urban ghosts.

Coyotes Spotted On South Side Near University of Chicago

According to ABC 7 News Chicago, a pair of coyotes were spotted and filmed on Chicago’s South side. They were first spotted near Washington Park before travelling west through Midway Plaisance to Jackson Park and eventually being the coyotes were seen by the University of Chicago campus early Wednesday. The sighting in Washington Park is apparently significant as these animals are rarely seen such a distance from Lake Michigan.

Residents In Northern Illinois Urged To Show Caution With Outdoor Pets

The village of Wheaton recently issued a coyote alert for pet owners as coyotes in this part of the state are entering mating season. The alert also suggested that coyote sightings may become more frequent over the next few months.  The usual advice applies if you encounter a coyote which is to create as much noise and make yourself as threatening as possible.

Thanks For The New Tracking Map Submissions

A thanks to the users who have submitted their coyote sightings. Even if you only remember the month and the approximate time of day, we still want to hear from you. Just go the coyote sighting submission page and let us know. Perhaps the Chicago coyote population is far greater in the north or we need some more users from the south side and south suburbs to submit. Thanks!